Our Jogging Shoes

Comfort Hoofs, the United States distributor for Equine Fusion, the world’s first jogging shoes for horses.  I believe my company, Comfort Hoofs, will distinctly give the hoof protection in the most natural and comfortable method for the horse.  Equine Fusion has developed a new type of hoof boot ~ a flexible, light and durable jogging shoe that protects the horse's hooves from shock, wear and unnatural pressure.

Shoes also available in regular and slim version. See more details below on the ULTIMATE, ALL TERRAIN, ULTRA, ALL TERRAIN ULTRA, 24/7, AND THE ACTIVE JOGGING SHOES. 





Active Jogging Shoe

Active Jogging Shoe

ULTRA JOGGING SHOE                  

The Ultra Jogging Shoe sole is made of an improved rubber compound which combines the maximum strength needed for excellent wear resistance, with the softness required to give the flexibility and shock absorption the hoof needs to function as normal.
The Ultra Jogging Shoe has increased stability for the hoof wall and better shock absorption on hard surfaces. This has been achieved by increasing the thickness of the solid rubber (1.25mm) to improve the dampening effect, while reducing the height of the tread around the outer edge of the sole to keep the overall sole thickness the same.
The Ultra Jogging Shoe tread pattern also gives the shoe more flexibility in the center of the sole for maximum frog pressure, improved balance and breakover.
The tread studs are designed to prevent soil and mud build-up.

The Ultra Jogging Shoe is available in Red/Black and Black/Black in sizes 10-15.

***  NEW RELEASES ***   

ACTIVE JOGGING SHOE Now available in black.  

24/7 JOGGING SHOE (glue on shoes)

See more information on "Jogging Shoe Styles"





The Ultimate Jogging Shoe is soft and flexible, and features a new heel design which enables the unrestricted natural movement of the heels.  They are the first shoes available in sizes small enough to fit miniature horses, that provides all the great benefits of the flexible sole.

The most comfortable hoof shoe on the market:
-No restrictions in movement
-No pressure points
-Fit’s most hoof shapes
-New heel design that eliminates rubbing

Superb durability
-High strength carbon look material

Stay on – Safe and secure
-No straps or external locks

Easy to use
-On and off within seconds!
-New and intelligent, patented Velcro locking system

Slim version for narrow hooves now available in all sizes
-With improved break over

New sole design
-Combines the best from Ultra and Performance

The Ultimate Jogging Shoe is available in Red or Blue in sizes 7-16.



The All Terrain Jogging Shoe is soft and flexible, just like all the other Jogging Shoes, but has a thicker sole which makes it more wear resistant and provides excellent grip on all surfaces.

New sole design
- Thicker sole gives excellent protection for the hoof
- New pattern which gives you excellent grip on all surfaces
- Optimal roll over for the hoof
Superb durability
- High strength upper
- Wear resistant rubber sole designed for tough challenges
Stay on - Safe and secure
- No straps or external locks
- Reflective band gives better visibility in low light levels
Size range from 7 to 16 with slim versions of each size for
narrow hooves
Easy to use
- On and off within seconds!
- New and intelligent, patented Velcro locking system
The most comfortable hoof boot on the market
- Same field proven upper field proven on Ultimate
The All Terrain Jogging Shoe is available in Black in sizes 7-16.