Works with the hoof

The horses’ hoof is a dynamic structure that adapts to the ground surface to create perfect balance, stability and grip.  The jogging shoes are designed to work with the hoof to support this natural function through the flexible sole and unique fastening systems.  The forces that impact the hoof are distributed through the sole of the shoe, not the sidewalls.

Does not require a ‘perfect’ fit

The jogging shoes allow for variations in hoof size and shape and will adapt to the hoof throughout the trim cycle.

Safe and secure

Double lock fastening systems means there is less risk of losing shoe.


One of the lightest hoof boots on the market.

Easy to clean

The Ultra Jogging Shoes and Ultimate Jogging Shoe models can be washed in the washing machine and tumbled dry on a low setting.

Wide range of sizes

Sizes range from 7-16 to fit miniature horses through the drafts.

Best product for both the horse and owner

Provides the horse with the ultimate in comfort and the owner with peace of mind.